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MVP specializes in understanding how value is created and monetized in the media, entertainment, mobile and emerging technology sectors. 

Headed by Larry Gerbrandt (Janas Consulting, Kagan, The Nielsen Co., Primedia, AlixPartners, Orion Cable, Brimstone Films), what sets MVP apart is the combination of 30+ years of hands-on experience in launching and operating assets in the media and entertainment space and the knowledge and insight gained from hundreds of consulting and valuation assignments and more than 75 expert witness engagements.

MVP knows how to apply valuation theory and financial analysis to complex startups and operating media & entertainment assets, enhanced by a thorough understanding of how industry revenue models and pricing operates.  We also know where the opportunities lie for enhancing value with capital, informed by knowledge of how the media & entertainment sectors work, with an emphasis in understanding how traditional media is making the transition into the digital future. 

Our clientele ranges from startups to niche owners of intellectual property to many of the largest players in the media & entertainment industries and consumer electronics companies.

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